P.P Mapping

I have been feeling lots of emotion, and also everyday I had a different feeling e.g. happy, unhappy, knowledge and alright. This is feeling when I do my studying . Most people experience similar emotions.







Final Mapping PDF

Final Mapping2

Everyday I was writing once a day ten days , that’s about the emotional feeling. I just realised that was helpful because it’s important to manage times.

Describe 10 days 

Day one: On May 25th, I just felt really tired because we have lots of assignments to do so, I didn’t sleep much because i have been always thinking too much about my works so that’s why I was tired. Last night I stayed in lab computer at Unitec all day 8:30am to 10:30pm , I have to stay late because I wanted to finished it everything before I go home I just felt that I can do this .

Day two: May 29th, I got stuck because I didn’t know what to do like e.g. brief essay , then I talked to my teachers I told that I’m bit confused about the brief essay. And then i was happy because our teacher was explaining to me about the essay, and also I got to understand and I knew what to do for the essay. I was thinking that’s important when people don’t know what to do so they need to tell the teachers that’s was helpful.

Day three: May 30th , I felt really tired because I didn’t sleep enough because I had to focus my assignment first.

Day four: 1st June,  I was confident because I knew what to do for my assignment work and also I was happy as well .

Day five 2nd June, I was so happy because I finished six perspective drawings from Richard’s class so I can catch up other my assignment.

Day six : 3th June , I stayed at home doing study all day so, I have been working hard. I just felt happy because it’s was mostly finished the Introduction to story assignment.

Day seven: 4th June, I felt really tired because i had too much work to do so, I had to stay at Unitec until when i finished my work and then I went to go home. That’s was university life.

Day eight: 5th June , I had to wake up so early so I had to leave home early . I have always arrived in good time at class. I was prepared for the practice presentation for tomorrow morning so I was so nervous because next week will be the presentation and the students will watch me. I did practise the presentation everyday because I’m not really confident.

Day nine: 6th June,  next day I just felt fresh and also I was ready for the introduction to story presentation next week.

Day ten: 7th June, I found that my work was flowing well because i had been managing time well. I was happy with most of my work because my work was caught up.


Reflective Document (CT)

Creative Technologies

 Video Editing

Our group shot was a practice film of a wide range of shot sizes. Personally, I learned a lot about film shot sizes as well as the correct camera placement in relation to the characters height. A neutral shot is the most common angle used. We learned video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. For me, this was the first time. I found it complicated because there were lots of detailed tools. It was good to learn video editing because in the future I want to make more films. I found it rewarding to learn about the tools and techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
Reference images

 Creativity and Design Fundamental

Photoshop and InDesign

I have been learned a lot about Indesign and Photoshop. They are both really complicated because there are many tools and techniques to learn. The Creative Technology Teachers taught me a lot about the necessary tools an techniques in Indesign to get familiar with. Photoshop was my favorite software because at first glance it looked really complicated, but I found it not too hard and enjoyed using tools such as reflection. Although, I had seven years experience using Photoshop from my classes in high school. I’m not an expert in Photoshop yet, and still need more practice with both Photoshop and Indesign. The Creative Design class had some drawing projects that I found challenging. I need to practise everyday so I can improve my drawing ability. I have been practising drawing but it was still hard for me. Thus, I changed my mind to use Illustrator, in order to make the image with the black, white and normal photos. I’m really happy with the images I created here because they show emotion and a sense of calmness. I felt good about using Illustrator with images, so I intend to learn more about Illustrator and other related software. 





Introduction to Story


I have presented three times in two class. I was really nervous because lots of people were watching me. This was the first time presenting in this course for my BCE. I think that it was very important to practise presenting because it is possible in the future I might doing more presentations at work or exhibitions. Also, it is very important to be  confident in presentations. It was worth it to learned the exhibition, collection objects and Indesign software. All students found presentations to be an important element in delivering positive learning experiences. This paper explored the role of students’ presentation in the classroom from students and instructors’ perspectives. I have been exploring lots of artists in books from the library and websites online. I felt it was good to explore books from library. I think that library books were better than online websites because books were more reliable and were more comfortable for me.



Presentation SAYNAB

Professional Practices


I have been practising the exhibition so, the Quran books put on the floor close to the window and i just felt unhappy because it looks boring so I changed my mind and placed it next to the window. When I see those Quran on window i just felt professional like it was a formal the exhibition. The final exhibition of my Quran collection was next to the window. I just felt really good about learning practise of the exhibition because it made us prepare and practise for the future, e.g: when I work in the area of photography I now know how to do the exhibition.   It was a fantastic demonstration of how personalising learning from the exhibtion can provide something uniquely engaging.



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Individual project (E Portfolio)

Perspective one, two, three (Drawings)


Explain: I chose the quote called moray proverb Ka mua,  Ka murk- We walk into the future backwards. I’m doing a drawing of three point perspective so for my first one,  I drew a picture of a building because I wanted to relate it to one image. Pink and white terrace those had the layers of the rock with water that’s why I decided to draw the building that had layers related to one image.

Two point perspective, it was similar to three point perspective information on above.

One point perspective, I was drawing the train line because it felt like the one quote we walk into the future backwards related more to my drawing. For the One point perspective  drawing, I wanted to show from the past which is about the culture and the  value of the history.

six drawings to ten









Produce 1 light and dark 


Produce 2 light and dark 









I have been researching on Youtube and I think that was helpful for my drawing of the perspective. I don’t have 100% experience of drawing the perspective. Last year I was studying in Unitec doing a certificate course and I did manage to learn lots about the perspective of drawing which has helped me to have a better understanding on how to draw one, two and three perspective. I have been practising how to draw almost everyday and I draw once a day.


Ideas of my own model

I was research ideas of the my models.



My own Project 

I created  my own project using brief. I chose the quote “Maori Proverb Ka Mua, Ka murk”. I just think that quote was related to my own project because this quote is about the history. And also it shows the importance of values about the cultural history. That is why I created them as my own project. The culture is important to me because I grew up in the muslim religion and I had good memories about my own cultural things from the past.

Process (Shirin Neshat)

I created the image with Illustrator, I took photo of my oldest brother. Shirin Neshat work really inspired me because her work shows the culture and value of history. Her image included Arabic text,  which  is also  my culture because I always read the Arabic book that’s how she inspired me. Neshat’s work is about the relationship between women and culture value systems within islamic communities. I think I did my images really well because Neshat’s work and my images were both very similar. I just felt  that I wanted to do more creating of Illustrator, If I always take photos that will be boring so that is why I wanted to try something different of creating the illustrator.

Normal Image

Abdulqani Final


Shirnt (i made it) best 2

Normal Image

Fahima Final psd


Fahima shirin

Shirin Neshat Images

Reference image




For our group, their culture objects will be included in our model. Our group will be made of the objects culture put in our model. I created the model of my culture , I use papers and sellotape. This is Arabic word which is translation to “Allah” that means God, Muslim people believe God “Allah” . I grew up in a Muslim culture throughout my whole  life so it is important to me.




Reference image: http://freeislamiccalligraphy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Allah.jgp


I made the model of the cave. I was thinking that I should of added the photos and put in the cave. I had tried to do a similar artist and her name is Sharon Neshat. She is an artist and her work really inspired me because  it related to my religion of the Quran words and also her photographer as well. I tried to get some ideas from her art work including the idea of models. I tried to think of something different when I made the model. I didn’t think it would  be the same as her work. So I decided to make the model of the cave instead.


Final model

The material I used is metals so I found metals in Building 76 upstair. I was thinking that I should use those materials because no one used this materials.  I then used grey while, black cupboard and glue gun. I wanted to make the cave because I want to create the cave inside to pretend to show the exhibition however, I just imagined that people walking in the cave. With that imagination, that’s how I wanted to create the cave exhibition. My model was big but this model size is length 60cm, weight 20cm and height 30cm.









I created the photoshop and also with my photographer. I just think that all the images went really well because all the images are related to my group project. It was culture models and also that image was included in my model.

Photoshop (me ) .jpg


Photoshop quran with water


Normal images





Group Project Process/ Final work

Our group: Savannah, Tristan, Liam, Lelua and Niand.

This was my first idea of our projects, The ideas I got from this project was I wanted to show the materials on the roof and I wanted to take photos of strangers in Unitec. I also wanted to show their culture of the self portraits.



Our group discuss is about the ideas of the model for exhibition in the building one, however we did lots of discuss so we got new ideas of the project which is called the space of Solar System. One student in my group had the first idea of Solar System so, I just did told my group  that I thought about it and I’m not happy with that because it looks boring because I wanted it to be more deeper of the model.  Some of the members from my  group agreed and we will be making the Solar System. We told our teacher we got new ideas, then we brainstormed outside of cube made in paper, but the top and bottom of the cube is covered, so from there the exact representation of the Solar System is hanging down by a string. We planned to name two of the Solar System.

Saynab Muse – Sun/Moon

Shane Rodrigues – Mercury/ Mars

Lelua Taufua – Earth/Pluto

Tristan Cui – Mars/New Horizon Probe

Ninad Mahesqari – Uranus and Mars

Savannah Halo Pascoe – Venus

Liam Saturn – ISS and box

As a group we needed to think of some new ideas cause Solar System is boring because it was simple like high school work. So we needed to space exploration which is the theme, and we tried to find a deeper meaning behind our ideas so we can develop it. We just chip in our ideas on Thursday.

Discuss and ideas 

New ideas







Our group did drawing of the ideas model, people in our group had lots of different ideas and also lots of discuss about the model.


 Final Group project

We already informed it the model so, we started to make seven boxes and also we have lots of plans about the final model. Our sevens boxes will be put on building one . I used the PlayStation Plus 4 box from my cousin. No one used this box so i used this box. I just felt really good about learning practice of the exhibition because it made us prepare and practice for the future, e.g when I work in the area of photography or other things. I was just thinking that this is a good example of what will happen one day if I do an exhibition in the future. I created inside in the box, I wanted to show what Somalia looked like because In Somalia, they don’t have enough water, food and other things. My family moved to New Zealand and they were really lucky live here. Because In New Zealand, they have good Education.


I started to cut shapes of the star because my culture had stars on the flag.IMG_1168.JPG


I was thinking that I should use the black painting because I wanted to show the meaningful of powerful within the model.img_1165.jpg

I decided use the black painting.IMG_1175.JPG


Next day, I had to start painting again because I can see the background of the PlayStation plus 4 .IMG_1194.JPG

I used the led lights and also I wanted to show the lights memories of the past in Somalia.IMG_1173.JPG

Next day, I was still keep going the painting because I wanted my model to look professional. I don’t want to see colour on the background so I covered it black painting.IMG_1205.JPG

Our group was set up on the tables, so our boxes will be on the table. I was thinking that I should add the led lights on the middle of the table. I wanted it to look good at the exhibition. Tristan and I doing set up of the tables so I was thinking maybe next day that it will be changed because it was not perfect on those tables. So I wanted it to be perfectly displayed on the table. IMG_1192.JPG

I was mostly left a bit of  brown spots on the background. I was thinking that I should add the black painting in this box because I wanted to match same colour. IMG_1218

If I didn’t added the led light it would look boring so I just wanted to show more interesting things in my project. IMG_1231

I just cut out a picture of  Somalia so I wanted to show the reality of the images and also I want to do the 3D images maybe I will do the reality 3D images next semester.

“set up Exhibition”

On 25th June, Tristan and I was doing started again because we went to showed more profession of the exhibition so we changed our mind and I just felt better with this one rather than the other one. Tristan and I have lots of the discuss what should change the tables. And also Tristan and I were happy with those tables because it looked way better than before.  IMG_1229

Next day, we already changed it again because we want people to walk around looking our exhibition. IMG_1317

“Final exhibition”

That’s was final exhibition and also I was thinking that was best one than before. FullSizeRender

Concluding (CT)

I have been learned lots from their presentation and also I already research my own from online and my own opinion as well. So the online have lots of information in there the content , scary, and what happened the technology in the future what it is change the world. When I was research online have lots of scary the technology in the future because the possible in the future will be least people and also the robots will be growing in the future so that’s made me scary because I don’t want to see the people will be least.It’s was possible the equipment such as robot arms are becoming both more skillful and less expensive. The students have lots of their opinion, some students was don’t agree the technology what happened in the future and also some students was agree, that’s was really interested because they’re had different their opinions. Most people don’t agree of the VR will be growing so half people was agree the VR will be growing in the future. Our team three did really well because we have been discussion about the technology.  I want to added some information research myself. The self diving cars this is already happening in this world. The Google has a driverless car project currently in progress and they are testing cars out on the road. Even though Google has no plans to commercially develop the system, it is believed that happen by 2025, driverless cars will be the norm. Possible in the future robots increasing their potential as flexible automation tools. It is predicted that robots will take over most service industry jobs such as fast food service, housecleaning, and retail sales by 2030.