Who am I

My name is Saynab Muse, I am 21 years old, and I am full Deaf. I was born in Somalia. I come from Somalia. I moved to New Zealand in 1998. I was born Deaf. I got meningitis when I was three years old because I got sick. I have two brothers and four sisters but one little sister is Deaf. My little sister and I were only deaf in my whole family.  In Somalia no education and no Deaf school that’s why my family moved here and also war in there, it’s not safe place in Somalia. Deaf Culture is a part of my life. I was involved Deaf community when I was eight years old. Sign language is very important for Deaf community. I have a cochlear implant when I was 3 half years old. The cochlear implant is helping me to hear, I can hear people talked and also sound background as well.




Symposium Noho Marae and Guest Speakers

Noho Marae 

During week four in my first year the students went to the Noho Marae which is a special place where people visit. We attended the Marae to learn about work presentation by Dr Karlo Mias and others. I have learnt a lot from Dr Karlo Milas presentation and I am really interested in her research on culture because she really inspired me through her  presentation. Therefore,  I will consider the importance on culture.

Dr Karlo Milas presentation is about the Mana Moana. Dr Mila has worked on a novel and a book poetry. Both were inspired by her research on Mana Moana which collated and examined through shared language of health, wellbeing, spirituality and the reality from the Pacific including Hawaii. Her Project Mana Moana: The Poems’ will explore both ancient themes and a person’s issue. She will also draft her novel “Walking in Dark Light’, which is a story of healing and love. Which was set in Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii and Aotearoa. Dr Mila has worked closely with Hawaiian proverbs and collaborated with Hawaiian partners.  She aims to continue this creativity and cultural connection after her residency. Dr Mila aims to serve and strengthen Pacific creativity, poetry, art and knowledge development to enhance and understand the relationship between her Pacific Countries.



Phil Walther

One artist that I found interesting and inspirational  is Phil Walter. He installed more than 40 life size, carved, metal birds sculpture in Various space across. In the past his small projects consisted of making lots of things through his jobs as the ATM designer for furnitures, system design integrated, metal birds and many more. Phil stayed for three years doing small projects and he has a lots of experience with  his knowledge. In 2016 he started to make 40 birds of weathering steel and has given them to a home in North Island, New Zealand. The bystanders liked the ideas so much that wanted to buy their own, so Phil decided to more metal birds and sell them. 

Reference image: http:media3.architecturemedia.net/site_media/media/cache/9a/bd/122a3e8e67ae4ea//98705b25ec3d6.jpg


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Serena Stevenson 

Serena Stevenson is a photography artist and I found her work more inspirational and interesting. She did photography for 20 years and she is currently working on a book project on family history, a cook book and photography. She also does filmmaking and multi-media creative that uses her work for project. For 20 years she have been fortunate enough to travel the world to do photography on many stories from amazing people. Her presentation really inspired me because I have been thinking about the same aspiration about her photography projects such as family history. I think that’s why I have learnt a  lot from her experience. I remember she told us about following your heart and I really agree on what she said.  I believe it is important to do what you love rather than what other people expect you to do. I think that she is determined to uphold  her vision to bring the world through her emotive stories and the relationships she has built with the subjects of her work. I still want to explore different styles of Stevenson work since I  feel her work will be including in my future work. She gaven me an insight  and motivation to do my own work.

Refenence image: http://www.serenastevenson.com/no-english-darling.html

ICIB5401 13 April 8ICIB5401 13 April 9FullSizeRender

Heather Sraka 

On May 4th,  we had four visitors that came to my class and I became really interested one person named Heather Straka. She did a  presentation about her painting  and I was amazed. She studied sculpture at the University of Auckland and she later carried through her painting practice  in France. She then later returned to New Zealand where she did her first exhibition in a painting show in 1998.  Her work showed a realistic painting as she showed us photo’s of Muslim females with head scarfs in  her paintings and she added tattoo’s on their arms. But in my opinion I feel that is not right because in our Muslim religion we are not  allowed to have tattoo’s.  If her painting showed an exhibition in Dubai which is Muslim country, then possible the people there will not happy because of the tattoo.

Reference images: https://ocula.com/artists/heather-straka/artworks/


Bauhaus Presentation

Our group names: Saynab, Savannah, Tameem, Youxi and Juhi.

I have been interest for me to had a presentation about the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, one whose approach to teaching and understanding art’s relationship to society and technology. The Bauhaus movement transformed the design and also production of the modern furniture by incorporating the use of steel as frames and supports for tables, chairs, sofas and even lamps.  The Bauhaus, they’ve made cool things that are also functional, eg: Furniture. Also, they were making creative, useful and beautiful objects really they were cabining functionally and design. The Walter Gropius was founded a school with vision between art and they made coming craft and fine arts. The students entered workshops, it’s was included metalworking, cabinetmaking, waving , pottery and also wall painting. The morning of April 11 1933, the Bauhaus was closed because Nazi was not happy with Bauhaus, and also Nazi didn’t agree with Bauhaus they’re don’t like their way design.

Presentation powerpoint link:  https://unitecnz-my.sharepoint.com/personal/saloot01_myunitec_ac_nz/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?docid=18fdcb8267d6445129c88e1951b83f411&authkey=AU3QdhAiDslHc_XwB7oAVOw&action=view

Art Gallery Challenge

We had a fun time, our group used wool and our group doing string link all the finding relate to the words. The Art Gallery exercise i have been learned lot from Art Gallery,  also this is about history and their artist exhibition . Our group was visited to the Art Gallery, also we did explore four floors of exhibition it’s was amazing their artists.