George Grosz Artist work (Assignment 1 Exercise three)

1)Most of Grosz’s artistic work is typically in pen, and paint, drawing, ink and sometime he also worked with watercolours. In Grosz’s artistic work, the colours look horrific and scary because his work shows First World War, sex crimes, greed and violence. Grosz made some furious collages, but his drawing at the Richard Nagy Gallery is quite different it is very peaceful. Grosz doing developing the skill of rapid sketching from model who changed their pose after five, also such training proved to be invaluable for his artistic. Grosz’s began his artistic education shorty theafter, In 1909 at the Dresden Art, also this time forward he carried a small sketchbook in order to draw people and the busy street life of Berlin.


2) One quick way to see how the First World War changed art is to look at important other works of the 20th century. For example the Belief Art Movements started in Zurich in 1916. He started creating drawings and also illustration for left wing magazines. Grosz painted in shape. These painting became very popular images and these have been in Welmar Republic Gallery since 1920s. Also Grosz’s early work has all the formal bravado of Dada. Grosz work showed dogs roaming past the bodies of suicides in a made red from blood of lots of suicide victims strewn around on street. This work used oil paint on canvas. The Dada movement also the exploration many different paint, media images and found objects.

Suicide 1916 by George Grosz 1893-1959

In 1917, he made this painting, glass, bricks, and the people fly through the air in a city rent by bomb attack. Also windows shatter and smoke pours into the nighttime sky, slices of the half-naked body parts.


3)Although Grosz was interested in various art mediums, and he made his first oil paintings in 1912, his paintings from this time show influences from German expressionism.  In 2920 Grosz showed influence of the movement, but also of Grosz view of Geman War support as faceless robots. The Grosz movements influenced artists work from Fluxus, Neo-Dada and Pop Art.

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Images Reference Lists 

Figure 1. George Grosz, Stualilche muslim Berlin, (1926).


Figure 2. George Grosz, Suicide, (1916).

Website: T02053_10.jpg

Figure 3. George Grosz,  Explosion, (1917).



My Story (Assignment 1 Exercise two)

Introduction to Story: My Story

                              1) My life


                                2) My family


                                  3) Muslim Culture


                                  4) Cochlear Implant/ Deaf Culture


                                      5) Pray everyday


My name is Saynab Muse and I am 20 years old. I was born in Somalia and  moved to New Zealand in 1998. I was born Deaf. I got meningitis when I was three years old because I got sick. I have two brothers and four sisters. My younger sister was also born deaf.  My little sister and I were  the only ones born deaf in my whole family.  In Somalia there’s no education opportunities for Deaf children in schools that’s why my family moved here and also there was war happening in Somalia which was not safe place for my family to stay.  Deaf Culture is a part of my life. I was involved with the deaf community when I was eight years old. Sign language is very important for Deaf community. I had cochlear implant when I was 3 half years old. The cochlear implant has helped me to hear and communicate properly with my family. I can hear people talking and the background sound effectively. There are Deaf communities everywhere in the world. Deaf people in New Zealand have access to provide interpreters for mainstream schools,  universities and more. Sign language is used with our  hands, facial expressions and body movement as well. Many people around  the world may view Deaf  people differently and not someone with a disability. We are humans and we just can’t hear that’s all. From the  old history in New Zealand, the teacher said Deaf people must use  oral language but as you may know other Deaf people lip read.  Not being allowed to use sign language and only using oral can be a difficult communication. In the past, when Deaf people would use sign language to communicate and the teacher saw you, they would slap their hands.  In Somalia  there’s not enough Deaf schools so I hope to help them in the  near future and also I want to encourage more education at Deaf schools in Somalia. My family always pray every day because it is part of our Muslim culture.

Moana this is about my perspective (Assignment 1 Exercise one)


Blog:. D

I do agree with Karlo Mila, the reason being her son was excited to watch the moana movie and a lot of people do relate to the pacific island culture.  In the movie it shows who we are. What if the movie was about Muslim people, then some people might think Muslim all are bad people and stereotype them.I would not be happy with the movie as well. So I understand where  Mrs Milla’s point of view and disagree with the moana movie. 

Polynesians have been left unhappy with the Disney movie Moana because Polynesians people are disappointed with the character Maul which is one of their beloved history from hundreds of years ago. There way of life and culture is highly valued. If Polynesians people are unhappy with this movie then therefore I feel sympathetic because I know the value of respecting and acknowledging other cultures. In my opinion I think the main influences was lead by the language and clothing style.