Final work

I created 14 images with photoshop, I used my photos and some images from online. I wanted to show images with emotions of who I am, Somalia and also my family.  I happy with the series and also I am looking forward to create more photoshop with images on my next assignment.

final 3final 4final 5final 6

final 11grandmafinal 12final 7Final 8Final 10Final 9 psdfinal 11final 9final 10

My Images

Online Images

Realistic image

I just wanted photoshop to created realistic images so i made one photo of realistic , i using photoshop and also i love created more realistic images so i think that’s really well with realistic image.

final 2  copy.jpg

Self Portraits Photography

I have been researching on a person named Mohamud Mumin. His works based on doing photography of self portrait. He lives in USA Minnesota. I really love his work of photography on self portraits. Mohamud wanted to focus more of the positive about what happened in the Somali community. He began capturing the images of young Somalia men and their efforts to improve the lives others. On March 24, 2010 the Gallery in Minneapolis had an exhibition and showed his work. Mohamud work was amazing and it showed images of self portrait.

My Photography Self Portrait

I took all photos of my family. Mohamuds works really inspiration me which made me want to do these self portraits of my family. I think all images were well and success. The first image, I think is the best one because I can see good quality image and his eyes are shiny. But for next time I think next time I should had more light through his eyes.

Pinterest Research images ( Inspiration)

One person of my favourite surperimposed photography is Charles Bergquist. Those photos shown on the second images are surperimposed or layers over the first. I think I feel as though her photos have a haunting quality about them, Those photos are beautiful work of art. Those images are an inspiration of surperimposed photography so I will continue to follow her as an artist.


Two Best drawings A3

First Image: Deaf People can do anything, Hearing people think Deaf people can’t drive and have a job reason being is hearing people think Deaf people can’t communicate with hearing people. It is important for hearing people to learn about  Sign Language so they  can communicate easily with deaf people. I can drive of course, we just can’t hear that’s all. I believe we’re all the same as human beings. That’s why I created this A3 images.

Second Image: The hands shape is means in Sign Language  “I love you” . I added hand drawings because this is about my identify of who I am. Sign Language is very important for us to communicate with deaf people and hearing people. Deaf communities are really lucky because we have an official Sign Language in New Zealand.




Grid A1

I used the material such as pen , pencils, painting, paper, colour pencil and colour marker.

I have created A1 images and I will be creating more photoshop with photography, This is because I love doing photography. Even though painting and drawing are not my interest, I still have to try my best to do painting and drawing.



” Best grid Photoshop with photography images”


I added 5 images on the middle background so that I become more interested and succeed better. On the middle paper it says “shhhhhhh” I think that’s should be removed because the look I was applying do not make sense on this images. so i will do created more photoshop with photography.


Additive and Subtractive

choose the mostly success collection images.




IMG_0429   FullSizeRender[1]

I’m happy with the four images because the four images is about link to my identify.

Pinterest Research images

I picked those images because I have been really interested in photoshop with photography and collages as well.


I did research based on lots of images on Pinterest. I just found lots of images on photoshop with photography, Culture, collages, painting and texts.

“More images on the Pinterest” My Pinterest link:


Final research Pinterest images

Week one ( Collections images and online images )

Ten images from a online.

IMG_0435IMG_0433FullSizeRender[1]IMG_0441IMG_0440IMG_0439FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender copyIMG_0438IMG_0437

Reference Lists

Ten image from my collages.

FullSizeRender copyFullSizeRenderIMG_0447IMG_0449IMG_0450IMG_0451IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0455


I picked a topic called hand shape which represents the whole world having different colour skin. Hand Shape can be used in different ways to make the useful materials. I just researched the top first images on the hands on cave wall which was 30,000 years old. Lastly, the walls had flattened hands.


Sign language is important because of communicate through with Deaf people and hearing people as well. Sign Language is a mean communication through bodily movements. If there’s no Sign Language that means the Deaf people will have difficulty in communicating with hearing people. I want to encourage hearing people to learning Sign Language because this will be easier for Deaf people to communicate with hearing people.