Final Presentation

Presentation PDF: Presentation Final (Saynab Muse

Presentation brief notes

“Explain my presentation”

Photos of the history 

1. The Building was really old house, the lady told me that she said the building started in 1928.

2.   When I first came into the shop and I saw it, it really looked old so I never seen anything like it before however I asked the lady there how old the shop bottle is and then she said,  20 years and people are still using those shop.

3. The pool looked really old as well and this pool was there many years and still people are using this pool.

4. The bowling was very old and those started 1928 which is the same time the building house began.


 Present This Year 


  1. This games has an old style of the history but has a new game as well. That was popular for most people that were using those games and new technology but same old day.

2. When I took photo of this image because this image is new bar and some old shop this really interested to explored more of this place.


Final Project  

  1. I had taken these photos images because the guys were happy to be involved with the Deaf poker and they really loved the Deaf community in Point Chevalier My final project I wanted to show happy side of  Point Chevalier and also, I want to show video interview with images on final project.


“Artist research”



My friend Tammy’s wrote for me feedback.


Another person wrote for me as well.


Interview question

Caleb Interview 

1. How do you bring back to Deaf Community in this place Deaf Poker.

2. What is important to you come Deaf Poker in this place?

3. Why do you come to Point chevalier ?

4. How do you encourage Deaf people come to point chevalier?

5. Why do you set up Deaf Poker in this place?

6. When you go to hearing poker in point Chevalier how do you feet?

7. Do you feel confident with Deaf then hearing people in Point Chevalier?

8.  How do you set up Deaf poker in Point Chevalier?

9. When do you set up Deaf Poker in Point Chevalier?

10. Do you want to be equal hearing and Deaf Poker?


“Assignment 1” (Preparatory Prototyping)

(Week 1 Preparatory Prototyping)

My verb: Creep

30 images

Pick 10 best images

“Week 2”

30 images

Pick 10 best images 

“Week 3”

30 images 

Pick 10 best images

 “Week 4”

30 images

“Pick best 10 images”

Pinterest research 120 images (link) 

Process 2 to 3 weeks handmade ( photos and film) 

I made the wool because I want to show what it’s inside so we don’t know what it’s inside so that shows abstract. I have learned how to do video editing in adobe premiere pro from other class so I know how to edit video’s on adobe premiere pro. I really enjoy editing video’s.

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From week one to four, we will be doing digital and tactile ideations. I did take a lot of photos of the creep. I felt my work was not good because some of the photos didn’t show the abstract so I wanted to improve on the photo’s of first week. Some photos were blurry because I wanted to show the creep side of it and also I felt happy with my photos. So my verb is creep so this verb its was complete and also its was not easy. That was really challenging for me but it was worth the challenge. The ten best work of those images I was thinking that they were the best images because its showed the dark space with powerful images and I had changed it with Photoshop. However, I had made a bit of a mistake because I didn’t realised that it should be only black, grey and white images.
Week two, I had used a different material e.g. Painting black/white/ grey, tools and chalk white/black. I felt alright about those paintings because I don’t have skill on painting and drawings but I had skills on photography. So I have tried to do my best in painting and drawing as well. I thinking that I’m happy with my second week work. I was mostly happy with the 10 best work because nothing showed real things and I have showed the abstract as well. I had done  some painting of human but it does not suit my verb. I felt happy because the Pinterest images was helpful to my work and also those research images give me lots of ideas.

Third week, I made 3D models and I had found from my home and also in Unitec. When I found the objects I put them on the studio in downstairs. I just didn’t realised that it would be more powerful if it showed the shadow on the back, so I set up normal lights so that it won’t show stronger light. Then I was thinking that I should add the light on my phone so that the lights on my phone are better than the normal light because my phone light showed real shadow. However, the Pinterest images had lots of shadows on the objects so it was similar to my work. I really was happy with those images so I felt that those images were better than the work I did 2 weeks ago.
Four week, we doing an exercise in HYBIRD. I had been choosing some photos made from 3 week ago so I used those images on my work from week four. Then I had the Photoshop to change the images. I made something new and different then I also made the gun glue on paper material because I wanted to showed a scary and creep side.

“Final one best work (size: A2)”


Final work

I created 14 images with photoshop, I used my photos and some images from online. I wanted to show images with emotions of who I am, Somalia and also my family.  I happy with the series and also I am looking forward to create more photoshop with images on my next assignment.

final 3final 4final 5final 6

final 11grandmafinal 12final 7Final 8Final 10Final 9 psdfinal 11final 9final 10

My Images

Online Images

Realistic image

I just wanted photoshop to created realistic images so i made one photo of realistic , i using photoshop and also i love created more realistic images so i think that’s really well with realistic image.

final 2  copy.jpg

Self Portraits Photography

I have been researching on a person named Mohamud Mumin. His works based on doing photography of self portrait. He lives in USA Minnesota. I really love his work of photography on self portraits. Mohamud wanted to focus more of the positive about what happened in the Somali community. He began capturing the images of young Somalia men and their efforts to improve the lives others. On March 24, 2010 the Gallery in Minneapolis had an exhibition and showed his work. Mohamud work was amazing and it showed images of self portrait.

My Photography Self Portrait

I took all photos of my family. Mohamuds works really inspiration me which made me want to do these self portraits of my family. I think all images were well and success. The first image, I think is the best one because I can see good quality image and his eyes are shiny. But for next time I think next time I should had more light through his eyes.

Pinterest Research images ( Inspiration)

One person of my favourite surperimposed photography is Charles Bergquist. Those photos shown on the second images are surperimposed or layers over the first. I think I feel as though her photos have a haunting quality about them, Those photos are beautiful work of art. Those images are an inspiration of surperimposed photography so I will continue to follow her as an artist.


Two Best drawings A3

First Image: Deaf People can do anything, Hearing people think Deaf people can’t drive and have a job reason being is hearing people think Deaf people can’t communicate with hearing people. It is important for hearing people to learn about  Sign Language so they  can communicate easily with deaf people. I can drive of course, we just can’t hear that’s all. I believe we’re all the same as human beings. That’s why I created this A3 images.

Second Image: The hands shape is means in Sign Language  “I love you” . I added hand drawings because this is about my identify of who I am. Sign Language is very important for us to communicate with deaf people and hearing people. Deaf communities are really lucky because we have an official Sign Language in New Zealand.




Grid A1

I used the material such as pen , pencils, painting, paper, colour pencil and colour marker.

I have created A1 images and I will be creating more photoshop with photography, This is because I love doing photography. Even though painting and drawing are not my interest, I still have to try my best to do painting and drawing.



” Best grid Photoshop with photography images”


I added 5 images on the middle background so that I become more interested and succeed better. On the middle paper it says “shhhhhhh” I think that’s should be removed because the look I was applying do not make sense on this images. so i will do created more photoshop with photography.


Additive and Subtractive

choose the mostly success collection images.




IMG_0429   FullSizeRender[1]

I’m happy with the four images because the four images is about link to my identify.