First Animation

The first time I made stop animation drawing , this is really interesting because it is one of my first animation drawing. Also it looks like a movie but it’s a drawing , it’s really cool to see this.




Animation Workshop 1.04 (Week 5)

Week five

Today we doing made of film the stop motion, we used the Adobe Premiere Pro so I found out some challenges that I faced when I edited the video. It’s not easy to edit video’s but I did really enjoy learning about how to edit the video’s.. I just felt that I knew some knowledge but now I know more on how to edit. Even though I dont have 100% knowledge experience on video editing so I still need more learning about editing video. I’m a bit unhappy with our video because it’s not good quality so next time I think we should improve good quality. And also our video needs some little changes because I waned to see a smooth video like e.g. YouTube the stop motion video.  I didn’t add the sound because I can’t hear. 


Example video (YouTube)

I wanted to made this video example good quality and show the story series as well. That video it’s was professional stop motion film.

Storyboard Week 1


Week one

My group: Savannah, Geneva , Jaya and I.

Week one, We doing drawing  on the storyboard. I think that the storyboard  is important because we need to know what next made of the video and also lots people using those storyboard as well. The Storyboard is really helpful because we know what to do to make the film video. The storyboard was remind me of school this time I used those storyboard then film.


• Animation Workshop 1.02 (week 4)

Week four

Geneva and I choose those images because we wanted to related to our characters and story as well. We got to choose this background so we placed this for our background of the video.

shot 10001.JPG

We didn’t using this image on backboard but we just research images. Then we got one background on the top one.


Our group was chose those characters and other things. Our group just planning set up presented this background we we want to prepared for film before starting film.

Our group had been discussed it about chose one story for the film on next week so we got one story about the Chewbacca was alone.

here this story

Geneva wrote those but us group give ideas of the story and we choice this story because that’s better story.  we choice her story because have emotions but need to make it better adding wars.

Chewbacca always had their back. The team gave him a home away from home, friendship, trust and most importantly a place within the ship. Despite this, Chewbacca couldn’t help but feel alone on the ship. He realized early on he would be the only of his species, the only one of his kind to not only be an outsider on this ship but in the galaxy. Making rounds between the cafeteria tables and eventually finding a seat amongst a small group, Chewbacca looked at the bland food on his tray with mild distrust and looked up to spy around the room to where Luke or any of his friends may be. Feeling uneasy, he began to voice his worries about his friends’ whereabouts to the soldier beside him. The man sitting beside him, glanced sideways and turned to him in annoyance. The man quickly brushed him off “I don’t understand the hell you’re saying! You better learn our language or you’ll be useless here”. Feeling hurt and slightly unsettled by the looks of others sitting at the table, Chewbacca decided he would be better off in the comfort of his room. Walking down the corridor to his room, he noticed the distasteful looks by those passing by him. Reaching his room, he opened the door and walked into his bleak and vacant room. He sat on his cold sheets and looked out his window in defeat.

Carsten Kudra was teach us about the Adobe premiere pro so I learned lots of the stop moving video on premiere pro. I really enjoyed it learned about stop moving film so for me, this was the first time learned about the stop moving on the video.

Process stop motion (week 3)

Week three

Week three, Today, our group  was doing the film so it was fun to learn how to film the stop motion. I had set up the lights and also Lego toys moving around on the table. I think that was worth it to learn about the film and also I really enjoyed the stop motion. I was learning how to set up of the lightings but first semester I only  learned how to set up the lights once but I forget then Carsten teached me on how to set up the lights. And also Dan teached me on how to zoom on the camera.


Self Directed

When we don’t have a time its was run out time however, our group was catch up of our stop motion film so we just finished it this time. we did really well because we had good team and also we have been discussed about the long shot or close shot and other things. We had bit mistake because we should other big room but we in small room but that fine.


Stop motion animation “Week 2”


Our group chose those Lego because we wanted to relate to our story.

Week two

Our group the character called ” George Star Wars”

Our teacher said need be write your own brief story then I started writing my own writing story about the star war characters .

“My Brief Story”

This story is about the takeover of New Zealand land. Two important Māori people were fighting over their land against one white man (storm trooper below) from London. The Māori wanted to shoot the man from London because of this. Everyone has guns. The Māori men hid in a tree after being shot (not fatally) by the man from London. The white man from London tried to find the two Māori men, but they had hidden themselves well. But as the white man from London was trying to find the two Māori men, he was shot and killed. The Māori men were now very happy because they that they reclaimed their land. This is about the history in New Zealand, which reminds me of my time in Somalia as this is similar to my history.


Paul teacher was teach us about the perspectives drawings on the board. That really interested to me because lots of details of the perspectives drawings and also shapes. Next time I want to learning more about body perspective drawings and 3D drawings.


Jaya’s story