Reflective Document (CT)

Creative Technologies

 Video Editing

Our group shot was a practice film of a wide range of shot sizes. Personally, I learned a lot about film shot sizes as well as the correct camera placement in relation to the characters height. A neutral shot is the most common angle used. We learned video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. For me, this was the first time. I found it complicated because there were lots of detailed tools. It was good to learn video editing because in the future I want to make more films. I found it rewarding to learn about the tools and techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
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 Creativity and Design Fundamental

Photoshop and InDesign

I have been learned a lot about Indesign and Photoshop. They are both really complicated because there are many tools and techniques to learn. The Creative Technology Teachers taught me a lot about the necessary tools an techniques in Indesign to get familiar with. Photoshop was my favorite software because at first glance it looked really complicated, but I found it not too hard and enjoyed using tools such as reflection. Although, I had seven years experience using Photoshop from my classes in high school. I’m not an expert in Photoshop yet, and still need more practice with both Photoshop and Indesign. The Creative Design class had some drawing projects that I found challenging. I need to practise everyday so I can improve my drawing ability. I have been practising drawing but it was still hard for me. Thus, I changed my mind to use Illustrator, in order to make the image with the black, white and normal photos. I’m really happy with the images I created here because they show emotion and a sense of calmness. I felt good about using Illustrator with images, so I intend to learn more about Illustrator and other related software. 





Introduction to Story


I have presented three times in two class. I was really nervous because lots of people were watching me. This was the first time presenting in this course for my BCE. I think that it was very important to practise presenting because it is possible in the future I might doing more presentations at work or exhibitions. Also, it is very important to be  confident in presentations. It was worth it to learned the exhibition, collection objects and Indesign software. All students found presentations to be an important element in delivering positive learning experiences. This paper explored the role of students’ presentation in the classroom from students and instructors’ perspectives. I have been exploring lots of artists in books from the library and websites online. I felt it was good to explore books from library. I think that library books were better than online websites because books were more reliable and were more comfortable for me.



Presentation SAYNAB

Professional Practices


I have been practising the exhibition so, the Quran books put on the floor close to the window and i just felt unhappy because it looks boring so I changed my mind and placed it next to the window. When I see those Quran on window i just felt professional like it was a formal the exhibition. The final exhibition of my Quran collection was next to the window. I just felt really good about learning practise of the exhibition because it made us prepare and practise for the future, e.g: when I work in the area of photography I now know how to do the exhibition.   It was a fantastic demonstration of how personalising learning from the exhibtion can provide something uniquely engaging.



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Concluding (CT)

I have been learned lots from their presentation and also I already research my own from online and my own opinion as well. So the online have lots of information in there the content , scary, and what happened the technology in the future what it is change the world. When I was research online have lots of scary the technology in the future because the possible in the future will be least people and also the robots will be growing in the future so that’s made me scary because I don’t want to see the people will be least.It’s was possible the equipment such as robot arms are becoming both more skillful and less expensive. The students have lots of their opinion, some students was don’t agree the technology what happened in the future and also some students was agree, that’s was really interested because they’re had different their opinions. Most people don’t agree of the VR will be growing so half people was agree the VR will be growing in the future. Our team three did really well because we have been discussion about the technology.  I want to added some information research myself. The self diving cars this is already happening in this world. The Google has a driverless car project currently in progress and they are testing cars out on the road. Even though Google has no plans to commercially develop the system, it is believed that happen by 2025, driverless cars will be the norm. Possible in the future robots increasing their potential as flexible automation tools. It is predicted that robots will take over most service industry jobs such as fast food service, housecleaning, and retail sales by 2030.

CT Perspective Team five

Team five moot

In the near future,there would be no need for humans in the workplace for we would be replaced by technology?

In my opinion,  In the future it possible the robots can beat any human at the popular logic game, among many other tasks. It possible in the future humans becoming obsolete in the workforce. I think that’s the robots are becoming smarter than people. They also make fewer mistakes. The robots may be end up taking over the world.

Pretty much from the moment machines could handle any sort of repetitive task, humans have worried about their own impending uselessness. The technologies such as machine learning and robotics play an increasingly great role in everyday life


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CT Perspective Team two

Team two moot

In 30 years time, people will be spending more time in a virtual world than in a non-virtual world? 

well i don’t agreed with VR in the future because virtual reality headset is was bad for your kids and adults because i think their eyes will be blind or less sight, so you might get one terrible headaches and eyes. In 30 years time we as a collective race will witness more and more people using AR/ VR as their personal world.One of the world’s most popular games and a favorite of many teacher is the Minecraft building game. A place where reality cannot affect their AR/ VR Lifestyles. Whilst using Reality as an escape to VR as opposed to virtual reality being the escape from reality. The virtual worlds combine the power of 3D graphic and the interest, giving user the ability to create new versions of themselves literally within a visual world.  In my opinion, virtual reality is not for us because virtual reality headsets can lead to dizziness. If kids wear the virtual reality could be in the most danger. I have been heard this could put children at risk for developing nearsightedness. 


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CT Perspective Team four

Team four moot

Forget painting, We have Technology?

In my opinion, I felt that in the future real painting will be gone because most people love the technology like eg. social media snapchat and facebook. That’s how people can’t stop using the social media because it is a way of connecting. Most people love the technology rather than the painting and drawing . It might be possible that the technology will be taken over painting and people will can’t stop using it the technology in the future. The museum has changed so much because before they use to be drawing on paper but now people use technology for drawing and games . In New Zealand people still do paintings and drawings. I believe most people will be using technology for painting and drawing in the future. Most people in the world use powerful desktop software including Adobe Photoshop sketch and autodesk sketchbook pro for traditional style painting and drawing , auto desk graphic and Adobe Illustrator draw for creating vector art.

I’m really interested about the 3D design of the apps. The 3D design apps are very different from traditional digital drawing tools but Mental Canvas looks to be a 3D drawing tool that even an artist or designer who primarily uses a pencil rather than Photoshop’s Pencil tool could easily master. The Google’s SketchUp 3D sketching app are more like Illustrator than Photoshop



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