Introduction to Story: My Story

                              1) My life


                                2) My family


                                  3) Muslim Culture


                                  4) Cochlear Implant/ Deaf Culture


                                      5) Pray everyday


My name is Saynab Muse, I am 20 years old, and I am full Deaf. I was born in Somalia. I come from Somalia. I moved to New Zealand in 1998. I was born Deaf. I got meningitis when I was three years old because I got sick. I have two brothers and four sisters but one little sister is Deaf. My little sister and I were only deaf in my whole family.  In Somalia no education and no Deaf school that’s why my family moved here and also war in there, it’s not safe place in Somalia. Deaf Culture is a part of my life. I was involved Deaf community when I was eight years old. Sign language is very important for Deaf community. I have a cochlear implant when I was 3 half years old. The cochlear implant is helping me to hear, I can hear people talked and also sound background as well. The Deaf community were everywhere in the world. Deaf people in New Zealand have access to the provide interpreter for mainstream school, university and more. Sign language is a hand shapes, facial expressions and body movement as well Deaf people always do this. Out there in the world hearing people think Deaf as a different not disability, we are human and we just can’t hear that’s all. The history in New Zealand, teacher said Deaf people must to used oral but other Deaf people lip reading is a very difficult communication, not allowed to used sign language only can oral. When Deaf people hiding using sign language teacher saw it have to slap their hands.  In Somalia not enough Deaf school so I hope help them in the future and also I want to encourage more education at Deaf school in Somalia. My family always pray every day because followed Muslim culture.