Stop motion animation “Week 2”


Our group chose those Lego because we wanted to relate to our story.

Week two

Our group the character called ” George Star Wars”

Our teacher said need be write your own brief story then I started writing my own writing story about the star war characters .

“My Brief Story”

This story is about the takeover of New Zealand land. Two important Māori people were fighting over their land against one white man (storm trooper below) from London. The Māori wanted to shoot the man from London because of this. Everyone has guns. The Māori men hid in a tree after being shot (not fatally) by the man from London. The white man from London tried to find the two Māori men, but they had hidden themselves well. But as the white man from London was trying to find the two Māori men, he was shot and killed. The Māori men were now very happy because they that they reclaimed their land. This is about the history in New Zealand, which reminds me of my time in Somalia as this is similar to my history.


Paul teacher was teach us about the perspectives drawings on the board. That really interested to me because lots of details of the perspectives drawings and also shapes. Next time I want to learning more about body perspective drawings and 3D drawings.


Jaya’s story



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