P.P Mapping

I have been feeling lots of emotion, and also everyday I had a different feeling e.g. happy, unhappy, knowledge and alright. This is feeling when I do my studying . Most people experience similar emotions.







Final Mapping PDF

Final Mapping2

Everyday I was writing once a day ten days , that’s about the emotional feeling. I just realised that was helpful because it’s important to manage times.

Describe 10 days 

Day one: On May 25th, I just felt really tired because we have lots of assignments to do so, I didn’t sleep much because i have been always thinking too much about my works so that’s why I was tired. Last night I stayed in lab computer at Unitec all day 8:30am to 10:30pm , I have to stay late because I wanted to finished it everything before I go home I just felt that I can do this .

Day two: May 29th, I got stuck because I didn’t know what to do like e.g. brief essay , then I talked to my teachers I told that I’m bit confused about the brief essay. And then i was happy because our teacher was explaining to me about the essay, and also I got to understand and I knew what to do for the essay. I was thinking that’s important when people don’t know what to do so they need to tell the teachers that’s was helpful.

Day three: May 30th , I felt really tired because I didn’t sleep enough because I had to focus my assignment first.

Day four: 1st June,  I was confident because I knew what to do for my assignment work and also I was happy as well .

Day five 2nd June, I was so happy because I finished six perspective drawings from Richard’s class so I can catch up other my assignment.

Day six : 3th June , I stayed at home doing study all day so, I have been working hard. I just felt happy because it’s was mostly finished the Introduction to story assignment.

Day seven: 4th June, I felt really tired because i had too much work to do so, I had to stay at Unitec until when i finished my work and then I went to go home. That’s was university life.

Day eight: 5th June , I had to wake up so early so I had to leave home early . I have always arrived in good time at class. I was prepared for the practice presentation for tomorrow morning so I was so nervous because next week will be the presentation and the students will watch me. I did practise the presentation everyday because I’m not really confident.

Day nine: 6th June,  next day I just felt fresh and also I was ready for the introduction to story presentation next week.

Day ten: 7th June, I found that my work was flowing well because i had been managing time well. I was happy with most of my work because my work was caught up.



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