Reflective Document (CT)

Creative Technologies

 Video Editing

Our group shot was a practice film of a wide range of shot sizes. Personally, I learned a lot about film shot sizes as well as the correct camera placement in relation to the characters height. A neutral shot is the most common angle used. We learned video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. For me, this was the first time. I found it complicated because there were lots of detailed tools. It was good to learn video editing because in the future I want to make more films. I found it rewarding to learn about the tools and techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
Reference images

 Creativity and Design Fundamental

Photoshop and InDesign

I have been learned a lot about Indesign and Photoshop. They are both really complicated because there are many tools and techniques to learn. The Creative Technology Teachers taught me a lot about the necessary tools an techniques in Indesign to get familiar with. Photoshop was my favorite software because at first glance it looked really complicated, but I found it not too hard and enjoyed using tools such as reflection. Although, I had seven years experience using Photoshop from my classes in high school. I’m not an expert in Photoshop yet, and still need more practice with both Photoshop and Indesign. The Creative Design class had some drawing projects that I found challenging. I need to practise everyday so I can improve my drawing ability. I have been practising drawing but it was still hard for me. Thus, I changed my mind to use Illustrator, in order to make the image with the black, white and normal photos. I’m really happy with the images I created here because they show emotion and a sense of calmness. I felt good about using Illustrator with images, so I intend to learn more about Illustrator and other related software. 





Introduction to Story


I have presented three times in two class. I was really nervous because lots of people were watching me. This was the first time presenting in this course for my BCE. I think that it was very important to practise presenting because it is possible in the future I might doing more presentations at work or exhibitions. Also, it is very important to be  confident in presentations. It was worth it to learned the exhibition, collection objects and Indesign software. All students found presentations to be an important element in delivering positive learning experiences. This paper explored the role of students’ presentation in the classroom from students and instructors’ perspectives. I have been exploring lots of artists in books from the library and websites online. I felt it was good to explore books from library. I think that library books were better than online websites because books were more reliable and were more comfortable for me.



Presentation SAYNAB

Professional Practices


I have been practising the exhibition so, the Quran books put on the floor close to the window and i just felt unhappy because it looks boring so I changed my mind and placed it next to the window. When I see those Quran on window i just felt professional like it was a formal the exhibition. The final exhibition of my Quran collection was next to the window. I just felt really good about learning practise of the exhibition because it made us prepare and practise for the future, e.g: when I work in the area of photography I now know how to do the exhibition.   It was a fantastic demonstration of how personalising learning from the exhibtion can provide something uniquely engaging.



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