Concluding (CT)

I have been learned lots from their presentation and also I already research my own from online and my own opinion as well. So the online have lots of information in there the content , scary, and what happened the technology in the future what it is change the world. When I was research online have lots of scary the technology in the future because the possible in the future will be least people and also the robots will be growing in the future so that’s made me scary because I don’t want to see the people will be least.It’s was possible the equipment such as robot arms are becoming both more skillful and less expensive. The students have lots of their opinion, some students was don’t agree the technology what happened in the future and also some students was agree, that’s was really interested because they’re had different their opinions. Most people don’t agree of the VR will be growing so half people was agree the VR will be growing in the future. Our team three did really well because we have been discussion about the technology.  I want to added some information research myself. The self diving cars this is already happening in this world. The Google has a driverless car project currently in progress and they are testing cars out on the road. Even though Google has no plans to commercially develop the system, it is believed that happen by 2025, driverless cars will be the norm. Possible in the future robots increasing their potential as flexible automation tools. It is predicted that robots will take over most service industry jobs such as fast food service, housecleaning, and retail sales by 2030.


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