Task one 

The Somalian traditional chair is very short and small and is called the Ganbadhn. This chair is made out of sheep skin and the legs of the chair are made out of wood, usually taken from the local environment. This chair is only made in Somalia and no where else. The Ganbadhn is very unique you can sit on it and wash clothes while sitting, or while cooking. My mother’s idea’s of decor was to unpack our squat Ganbadhn, which are Somalia wooden stools with cowhide seats, and thin mattresses on the ground. It’s a very strong chair it’s got very good quality it wouldn’t break if someone sat on it. The Ganbadhn is typically carved by hand and was commonly found in the home spaces of most Somalian families. I feel that taking part in the Ganbadhn Journeys can present a different story. I don’t believe that an Ganbadhn alone can tell the story of Somali culture, as cultures are dynamic and a collection of Ganbadhn can only reveal so much. I chose this particular chair because of its long history in my family and the memories of my grandma. My grandma used the Ganbadhn because the chair was comfortable and good for back. so I want to see Somalia people to keep the (Ganbadhn) chair. The Ganbadhn has journeyed a long way from Mogadishu, Somalia to Auckland its was one of the few items we were able to take with us and it represents home. I just want to keep (Ganbadhn) chair in the future because it’s of the memories of the past it evokes and also because of its history. I don’t want to see the Ganbadhn chair empty. I hope that the project creates a platform for Somali communities to connect and interact with the Museum in a way it hasn’t done before. 


Task two

I have a collection of  Quran books therefore I have lots of Qurans at my home. I’m doing the collections of the Quran because I want to learning more about the Quran. So later I did read learned of the Quran I just felt happy because it was beautiful of the Quran when I was read this.The Quran is important to me because my family has to follow the religion of Muslim culture and we must pray five times a day. When I read a little bit of the Quran I always feel a little peaceful and ready to be productive. I always feel that I have too much to do and as it takes a lot of time to study the Quran, I might not to be able to finish it. When I read the Quran I feel calm and cool in my heart. Reading a section of a Surah in Arabic and then reading it’s meaning English is another great way to incorporate the Quran into my life. There is only one Quran and all Muslims everywhere use the identical text. The Quran opened it my eyes to what Allah (God) really wanted of me. The Quran is very spiritual and healing it’s written words are very truthful I connect with because it helps me find serenity. Muslim people are there about a billion around the world. The angels descent from the heaven and revealed the Quran 1400 years ago to our prophet Mohamed.

I think that the collection is important because it value  the history, culture and contains very important personal connection of the collections. I want a collection about my religion of Islam because it is very interesting. The Quran really inspires me because it talks about the story of the history background.  For example we have to obey our god Allah and pray. Allah  has written for us  about what we are doing in our life.. I don’t read much of the Quran because it’s quite hard for me to pronounce the words in the Quran. It is easier for some hearing people to read the Quran. I did read some of the Quran before with help.  But I need read more  about the Quran because I am curious.   I don’t know the  full  Quran which is why I’m doing the collection of the Quran.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is important because for 11 months we have been eating normally and for  just one month we have to fast. The reason why we fast is because we have to remember what hunger feels since there are some  poor people that feel hungry. It is truly a reminder of how lucky we are to have food and good health.  During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat for 12 hours here in New Zealand whilst in other countries in Europe fast  mostly around 23 hours.

Healthy adult Muslims are obliged to fast in Ramadan from dawn until dusk. This includes abstaining from drinking, eating, immoral acts and anger. Other acts of worship such as prayer, reading the Quran and charity are also encouraged during Ramadan. Muslims people also believe that the Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Muslim people would wake up early to eat a pre-dawn meal. and they break their fast with a meal. (God) Allah sent down the Quran for human kind to study the religion of Islam.




Collection Exhibition 

On Thursday 1st June, The exhibition final of my collection on frame next to a window.  When I look at my collection i just felt happy with it because it’s looks tidy and it also matches perfectly with the  same colour of the Quran books. The students were told to do  a collection on the wall because we doing professional practise for the exhibition. I just felt really good about learning practise of the exhibition because it made us prepare and practise for the future, e.g: when I work in the area of photography I now know how to do the exhibition because I learnt it from Unitec.  This is a good  example of what  will happen one day if I  do an exhibition in the future. I really enjoyed learning the exhibition of the collections. I just felt that I’m doing really well with the collections in the exhibition. It was a fantastic demonstration of how personalising learning from the exhibtion can provide something uniquely engaging.



Research collections 

I have been doing research on the Pinterest , I managed to find some of the image collections of the Quran.  It was related to my collection work and I found it useful to research about it in the Pinterest since there were lots of images.



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