Presentation Perspective week 12 (Team 5)

New Zealand sign language interpreter used to help make world more accessible for Deaf people. Deafradio business is helping Deaf people access information they may never have understood before through to use of technology. Deaf community wanted videos of sign language because it’s a visual language. Back in 1998, videos of information weren’t there and also there wasn’t much technology at that time. The New Zealand Deaf community is relatively small. Interpreters (help) assist Deaf people and hearing people to communicate. Deaf people need good lighting so we can see clearly of sign language. Hearing people when the light is off so they’re can hear to someone. A Deaf people cannot look at whiteboard and at a interpreter at the same time in way hearing people can listen to someone. It is important for hearing people. In America sign language is a visual language on based on hand gloves gestures use for sign language. The sign gloves that have been research and developed created a gloves that learn different signs. The glove only deals with the 26 letters of English alphabet that  can directly translated into American sign language.

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