CT Perspective Team two

Team two moot

In 30 years time, people will be spending more time in a virtual world than in a non-virtual world? 

well i don’t agreed with VR in the future because virtual reality headset is was bad for your kids and adults because i think their eyes will be blind or less sight, so you might get one terrible headaches and eyes. In 30 years time we as a collective race will witness more and more people using AR/ VR as their personal world.One of the world’s most popular games and a favorite of many teacher is the Minecraft building game. A place where reality cannot affect their AR/ VR Lifestyles. Whilst using Reality as an escape to VR as opposed to virtual reality being the escape from reality. The virtual worlds combine the power of 3D graphic and the interest, giving user the ability to create new versions of themselves literally within a visual world.  In my opinion, virtual reality is not for us because virtual reality headsets can lead to dizziness. If kids wear the virtual reality could be in the most danger. I have been heard this could put children at risk for developing nearsightedness. 


Reference image 




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