CT Perspective Team four

Team four moot

Forget painting, We have Technology?

In my opinion, I felt that in the future real painting will be gone because most people love the technology like eg. social media snapchat and facebook. That’s how people can’t stop using the social media because it is a way of connecting. Most people love the technology rather than the painting and drawing . It might be possible that the technology will be taken over painting and people will can’t stop using it the technology in the future. The museum has changed so much because before they use to be drawing on paper but now people use technology for drawing and games . In New Zealand people still do paintings and drawings. I believe most people will be using technology for painting and drawing in the future. Most people in the world use powerful desktop software including Adobe Photoshop sketch and autodesk sketchbook pro for traditional style painting and drawing , auto desk graphic and Adobe Illustrator draw for creating vector art.

I’m really interested about the 3D design of the apps. The 3D design apps are very different from traditional digital drawing tools but Mental Canvas looks to be a 3D drawing tool that even an artist or designer who primarily uses a pencil rather than Photoshop’s Pencil tool could easily master. The Google’s SketchUp 3D sketching app are more like Illustrator than Photoshop



Reference image





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