CT Perspective Team one

Team one moot 

20-25 years from now we will have nanobots improving our memory, fighting against diseases and improving cognitive abilities.

Agreed: As we still are looking for cures to life threatening diseases and our memory becomes more and more poor as the years go by.

In my opinion, we think we agreed with their presentation because 20 to 25 years later our memory will be more poor. For example, I was just thinking maybe the computer stores memory so that we don’t need to remember every information in our brain. Also maybe in the future it will become more robotics and the people will be least in the future. I thinking that’s possible in the future our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud and also brain will be connect tiny robots made from DNA strands. The bigger and more complex the cloud, we thinking that’s the move and advanced by the time we to late 2030 or the early 2040s. Possible in the future human close to linking our brains with AI. The humans could expand the limits of our own computing ability and also eventually, upload our own brains to the cloud.


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