Introduction to story Assignment 2 (Part two: Yangjiang Group)


Yang Jiang was born 17 July 1911 in China, Bejing. She got married in 1935, she spent three years at the University of Oxford of in Paris and also she returning in 1938 to China. Yang Jiang passed away on Wednesday 25 May 2016 in Bejing. Jiang’s was 104 years old . Yang Jiang father’s had cancer and he also  passed away. Yangjiang group is an artistic group founded in 2002, by Zheng Guogu. Guogu’s is an artist based in Yangjiang group in the China. Yangjiang group’s calligraphic work and performances have been exhibited around the world . Yangjiang group is very inspirational from the origin of the long river of Chinese calligraphy. Yangjiang group use the medium of Chinese calligraphy to develop art practise, including performance photography, painting, video and installation. The Yangjiang group art is about the social action and everyday life, including the practise of calligraphy, cooking, watching, cricket, photographing, football, gambling, drinking and eating.

When i see this video, I just felt that’s really strange for me because they’re eating dinner and then they do calligraphy with food. I didn’t like to see their work of  calligraphy with food from the Yangjiang group because this made me think of how gross the calligraphy with food will be but on the other hand, I thought it was really interesting. Since I have never seen calligraphy with food before. Yangjiang group was doing calligraphy with the food which integrates with arts.

Yangjiang group took the use of a rule calligraphy as a personal mark of authority to its logical extreme which made their brushwork a pervasive part of chinese life.  It seems  highly likely that calligraphy will be continue to play in the future art. I just think that Yangjiang group was more familiar with the calligraphy and also it’s was important that the media of language embraced the Yangjiang group. The relationship between calligraphy as high culture and also it’s everyday that they use from personal to marketing, hand scrawled gambling receipts to the written rules for sports and games.  Yangjiang group is using  materials such as papers, ink, soy sauce, mass produced clothes and also left over food, that’s materials included of the calligraphy’s as well as clothes wax. Although the artist’s performances are highlights of the exhibition in the museum space. Leftovers became the materials to create calligraphy and also food integrated with art.

It’ was really interested for me because Yangjiang group was doing the calligraphy, while using the wax on all clothings and coating turns entire installation into a retail museum. When I first saw this image, it looked like a frozen place with ice everywhere.


Yangjiang Group. Final Day, 2015.

I can see the work of Yangjiang group  is all about positive energy and that they’re from the momentum of modern society. Which is calligraphy to life and also the process of creating calligraphy become a way of the artists to the world. I think that is important of calligraphy for their culture and understanding. Also their life was influenced by art as a form of Yangjiang group.


Reference from online

Reference one image


Yangjiang Group – After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2012.






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