Self Portraits Photography

I have been researching on a person named Mohamud Mumin. His works based on doing photography of self portrait. He lives in USA Minnesota. I really love his work of photography on self portraits. Mohamud wanted to focus more of the positive about what happened in the Somali community. He began capturing the images of young Somalia men and their efforts to improve the lives others. On March 24, 2010 the Gallery in Minneapolis had an exhibition and showed his work. Mohamud work was amazing and it showed images of self portrait.

My Photography Self Portrait

I took all photos of my family. Mohamuds works really inspiration me which made me want to do these self portraits of my family. I think all images were well and success. The first image, I think is the best one because I can see good quality image and his eyes are shiny. But for next time I think next time I should had more light through his eyes.


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