Bauhaus Presentation

Our group names: Saynab, Savannah, Tameem, Youxi and Juhi.

I have been interest for me to had a presentation about the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, one whose approach to teaching and understanding art’s relationship to society and technology. The Bauhaus movement transformed the design and also production of the modern furniture by incorporating the use of steel as frames and supports for tables, chairs, sofas and even lamps.  The Bauhaus, they’ve made cool things that are also functional, eg: Furniture. Also, they were making creative, useful and beautiful objects really they were cabining functionally and design. The Walter Gropius was founded a school with vision between art and they made coming craft and fine arts. The students entered workshops, it’s was included metalworking, cabinetmaking, waving , pottery and also wall painting. The morning of April 11 1933, the Bauhaus was closed because Nazi was not happy with Bauhaus, and also Nazi didn’t agree with Bauhaus they’re don’t like their way design.

Presentation powerpoint link:


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