Grid A1

I used the material such as pen , pencils, painting, paper, colour pencil and colour marker.

I have created A1 images and I will be creating more photoshop with photography, This is because I love doing photography. Even though painting and drawing are not my interest, I still have to try my best to do painting and drawing.



” Best grid Photoshop with photography images”


I added 5 images on the middle background so that I become more interested and succeed better. On the middle paper it says “shhhhhhh” I think that’s should be removed because the look I was applying do not make sense on this images. so i will do created more photoshop with photography.


Additive and Subtractive

choose the mostly success collection images.




IMG_0429   FullSizeRender[1]

I’m happy with the four images because the four images is about link to my identify.


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