Week one ( Collections images and online images )

Ten images from a online.

IMG_0435IMG_0433FullSizeRender[1]IMG_0441IMG_0440IMG_0439FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender copyIMG_0438IMG_0437

Reference Lists 





Ten image from my collages.

FullSizeRender copyFullSizeRenderIMG_0447IMG_0449IMG_0450IMG_0451IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0455


I picked a topic called hand shape which represents the whole world having different colour skin. Hand Shape can be used in different ways to make the useful materials. I just researched the top first images on the hands on cave wall which was 30,000 years old. Lastly, the walls had flattened hands.


Sign language is important because of communicate through with Deaf people and hearing people as well. Sign Language is a mean communication through bodily movements. If there’s no Sign Language that means the Deaf people will have difficulty in communicating with hearing people. I want to encourage hearing people to learning Sign Language because this will be easier for Deaf people to communicate with hearing people.


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