Photoshop 101

Exercise One : Adobe Colour Wheel

Our Family has a great time, this time it was my older sister’s friend Wedding. Also it’s was so beautiful they had flowers on the ground and beautiful tea cups holder with bouquets.




Exercise Two : Layers

I made three layers square, circle and triangle i used polygon tool.


Exercise Three: Tool

Tool and Selections

I just learning about photoshop tool .

I have been tired the magnetic tool also when i looked this image was a little messy, then i tired another quick selection tool that’s was easy quick selection tool.





Real Image


Photoshop Image

background Wall Final

Exercise Four: The realistic Photo

I made two photos that are realistic images and another two images by using photoshop. In the first image I added a man that is sitting on a chair. Second image I added  was a man walking on the road. I created image by using  the photoshop and this image looked realistic but I don’t think it is because they didn’t add the shadow and details on the background.

CT in class images ( photoshop)ct-in-class-images-photoshop1.jpg

Exercise Five: Blend Modes

Blend Modes  .jpg


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