Moana this is about my perspective (Assignment 1 Exercise one)


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I do agree with Karlo Mila, the reason being her son was excited to watch the moana movie and a lot of people do relate to the pacific island culture.  In the movie it shows who we are. What if the movie was about Muslim people, then some people might think Muslim all are bad people and stereotype them.I would not be happy with the movie as well. So I understand where  Mrs Milla’s point of view and disagree with the moana movie. 

Polynesians have been left unhappy with the Disney movie Moana because Polynesians people are disappointed with the character Maul which is one of their beloved history from hundreds of years ago. There way of life and culture is highly valued. If Polynesians people are unhappy with this movie then therefore I feel sympathetic because I know the value of respecting and acknowledging other cultures. In my opinion I think the main influences was lead by the language and clothing style.



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